Thanks ‘French’ and ‘Banana’!

little prince Thanks everyone for a great show lat Saturday night at The Front Porch featuring the next to last performances by spring ensembles Lemon Cello and Colorblind Astronauts! Both groups had smaller Memorial Day Weekend line-ups but each still managed a harold. First up Colorblind Astronauts (Marjory Ruderman, Deborah Arenstein, Larry Goldstein, and David Luzader) presented a harold inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘French.’ We met a lover (of course), clothing strictly for the young, plumber’s cracks, and the International Book Festival panel focusing on everyone’s favorite diminutive royal.

lure Next up Lemon Cello (Ryan Wender, Sally Trude, Todd Kasen, and your humble narrator sitting in) played a harold inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Banana.’ We met bike riders, doctors who specialize in digestive issues, bartenders on the make, plus a fishing show with a worm as a guest.

fire dogFinally both groups combined for a montage of scenes based on audience suggestions ‘Necrophilia’ and ‘Firetruck.’ Thanks to The Front Porch, Jen and the door, and Brian for sharing hosting duties. Don’t miss the last show of the spring run, which is also Big Blue Door’s first show in our new space, Belmont Arts Collaborative! On this Thursday, June 1st at 8pm Big Blue Door presents our Triple Improv Finale! Lemon Cello and Colorblind Astronauts perform with Big Blue Door’s master class!

Belmont Arts Collaborative
221 Carlton Road
Thursday, June 1st
Show starts at 8pm!

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