Triple Improv Finale 6/1!

June 1 show.jpg Don’t miss the grand finale of Big Blue Door’s spring improv run with ensembles Lemon Cello and Colorblind Astronauts plus a one-time-only performance by Big Blue Door’s Master Class! But don’t think of it as the end of something; think of it as a beginning! Because this is also the first-ever performance by Big Blue Door at Belmont Arts Collaborative. Thursday, June 1st. 8pm. $8

may imp night It’s been a great run but we have to close shop on our current improv groups, Lemon Cello and Colorblind Astronauts so we can launch our summer groups. But not before a last hurrah! And to add to the fun we’re inviting our Master Class to join in! That’s two harolds plus a special musical show!

belmont arts collaborative All this will be at the new space, Belmont Arts Collaborative at 221 Carlton Road!

Belmont Arts Collaborative
221 Carlton Road
Thursday, June 1st
Show starts at 8pm!

4 thoughts on “Triple Improv Finale 6/1!

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