Denise Stewart joining TrueVille Police Stories!

Denise Stewart Great news! Denise “DeeDee” Stewart has signed on to direct Big Blue Door’s upcoming TrueVille Police Stories!

Denise is one of the most talented theater folks in the Charlottesville area. She acts, directs, and even teaches sometimes at The Unversity. She’s known especially as the writer-performer of Dirty Barbie and other girlhood tales, which has sold out countless shows in recent years.

For those who don’t know, TrueVille’s amazing project facilitator, Melissa Wender, has conducted 40-minute interviews with twenty members of local law enforcement. Big Blue Door is now looking for funding to finish the transcriptions so we can put them online so everyone can read them, and stage a play drawing on stories and passages from the interviews!

We’ve raised $1790 from our GoFundMe campaign which has gotten us through initial setup and partway through the transcription process. (You can click on the link and donate to us now!)

We’ve also been accepted into the final round by an excellent group called BeCville for a $2880 project grant to put up the play. BeCville has $15,000 available to distribute to local arts projects. If you live in the Strategic Investment Area, you can vote between May 22nd and June 2nd for TrueVille Police Stories or any of sixteen finalists. BeCville will be distributing ballots door to door so don’t throw yours away!

trueville logo for becville

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