Thanks ‘Know,’ ‘Bowling,’ and ‘Aquarium Technician’!

dartsThanks everyone for a fabulous Triple Improv Matinee last Saturday at McGuffey Art Center! We had three groups performing, our spring teams Lemon Cello and Colorblind Astronauts, plus a special performance by The Administration.

half full glass Lemon Cello (Debby Prum, Kelsey Keverline, Todd Kasen, Sally Trude, Finn Mehigan, and Ryan Wender) started off with a harold inspired by the suggestion “Know.” We met very zen runners-up, applicants for a grant in positivity, and stories of Michael, the difficult roommate!

bowling Colorblind Astronauts (David Luzader, Susan Gorman, Marjory Ruderman, Larry Goldstein, Deborah Arenstein, and Keaton Ray) performed next with their harold inspired by the suggestion ‘Bowling.’ We visited darts buddies, a one-friend birthday, and a creepy movie theater man!

eelarious We finished the afternoon with The Administration (Nauder Namaky, Brian Weisbrod, and your humble narrator) creating a set based on an audience suggestion of a person who might be interviewed on teevee, in this case “Robert Fishburg, aquarium technician.” We met Robert, immigrant families, fish worried about dying, and the Hanseatic League!

passport Thanks to the city for repairing our windows! Thanks to all our teams and to everyone for coming out! Big Blue Door’s next show is our free Double Class Showcase next Saturday starting at 3-5pm featuring graduates of our spring Improv II and Telling True Stories courses! Lemon Cello and Colorblind Astronauts will next perform for Big Blue Door Improv Night on Thursday, May 18th! Also if you’d like to get in on the improv action, our next Improv I course starts on June 4th! Sign up online now!

The third Thursday of every month Big Blue Door creates hilarious longform improv with an ever-changing roster of styles and groups. April’s improv night features Big Blue Door’s spring performance ensembles, Lemon Cello & Colorblind Astronauts!
C’ville Coffee
1301 Harris St
Thursday, May 18th
Show starts at 7pm!

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