Thanks Rutabaga & Feet!

rutabagas Thanks everyone for a great show Saturday night at The Front Porch featuring Big Blue Door’s spring harold teams Lemon Cello and Colorblind Astronauts!

wiiLemon Cello (Debby Prum, Kelsey Keverline, Todd Kasen, Sally Trude, Finn Mehigan, and Ryan Wender) started off with a harold based on the suggestion ‘Rutabaga.’ We went on a bad honeymoon, met Germans with a bug problem, and friends who play Wii, plus a gardening talk show and more.

bunion Colorblind Astronauts (David Luzader, Susan Gorman, Marjory Ruderman, and Keaton Ray, plus yours truly sitting in.) followed with a harold based on the audience suggestion of ‘feet’ or what it ‘feat’? We met a trapeze acrobat with a bunion, a shoe store employee and the man who saw her on cable access, two friends yelling secrets on a mountaintop, and hopes for the metric system. Plus a chimpanzee at a children’s camp.

jimmy carter Lemon Cello came back again for a montage based on audience suggestions of ‘suitcase,’  ‘skateboard,’ ‘chaps,’ and ‘picnic.’


Thanks to The Front Porch for hosting us, Brian Weisbrod for working the door, and Nauder Namaky for hosting! Lemon Cello and Colorblind Astronauts return for a special matinee on Saturday, May 6th, and they’ll even be joined by performers from our Master Class!

McGuffey Art Center
Studio 20
Saturday, May 6th
$5 Cash
Show starts at 5pm!


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