Thanks Yoga & Spine!

knittingThanks everyone for a full house and a great show last night at Cville Coffee! New Big Blue Door ensembles Colorblind Astronauts and Lemon Cello launched their spring run in style!standing desk Colorblind Astronauts (Larry Goldstein, David Luzader, Susan Gorman, Marjory Ruderman, Deborah Arenstein, and Keaton Ray) performed first with a harold inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Yoga.’ We met two guys who really love their stand-up desks, two very old ladies in a yoga class, and an anatomy lesson with a mirror. Plus breathing exercises and more!

kangaroo Lemon Cello (Debby Prum, Kelsey Keverline, Todd Kasen, Sally Trude, Finn Mehigan, and Ryan Wender) performed the second harold inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Spine.’ We met a 4’10” bully, two stoners with lots of thoughts, and friends who bathe together, plus a talk show with guests discussing Greek life from Kappa Sigma all the way to Zeus!

shakers with game Finally, after intermission for bathrooms, beverages, and snacks Colorblind Astronauts returned for a montage of scenes based on audience suggestions of ‘Earthworm,’ ‘Fireman,’ and ‘Parcheesi.’ We met 4-H club goat-raisers, fire fighter strippers, and even learned about that the Shakers carved dice cups.

front porch 4.22 Thanks to Cville Coffee for having us, Nauder Namaky for hosting, and Jennifer Jones for managing the house. Don’t miss Lemon Cello and Colorblind Astronauts at their next show at The Front Porch this Saturday, April 20th at 8pm!





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