Thanks Winter Run!

improv peanut butterThanks to everyone for a wonderful Improv Night last Thursday at Cville Coffee as the final performance of Big Blue Door’s winter improv run featuring Half-Price Candy  and Mr Mammals!

half-price-candy Kelsey Keverline, Kirk Martini, Debby Prum, J. Lawrence, and Erik Swanson of Half-Price Candy started off with a set inspired by the audience suggestion of peanut butter. They created a gossipy sewing circle, a family where all generations have the same name, a civilization falling apart due to rudeness (sound familiar?), and much more! “It was just too easy. We had to go crazy.”

mr-mammalsSally Trude, Marjory Ruderman, Susan Gorman, Leigh Maxwell, Rosemarie Harper, David Luzader, Keaton Ray, and Max Hoecker of Mr Mammals then created a set based on audience suggestions of places: Office, Bar, and Gym. They explored the difference between sexuality in the North and South, the Thanksgiving bar, and when free gym membership is abused!

pirates After the intermission Half-Price Candy returned for a montage form multiple audience suggestions including “Knife,” “Steamy,” “Kibbutz,” and “Pickle.”

bunny on stickThanks to Cville Coffee and everyone from coming out Thursdays and for all the shows this winter! Half-Price Candy and Mr Mammals are retiring but our spring run starts soon! Meanwhile we have another improv group, The Experience, that has a last show this Saturday! Don’t miss it!

2017-spring-imp-1 Better yet, why not join us so you can perform in future shows? Or maybe you’re just curious how comedy or improv works? Or maybe you just want to spend a couple hours a week having fun and laughing aloud and using all your intelligence! Big Blue Door’s next Improv I is starting Saturday, March 25th! Follow the link for more information!

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