Improv Night 3/16!

march imp nightThe third Thursday of every month is Big Blue Door Improv Night at Cville Coffee featuring an ever-changing roster of Big Blue Door’s performers and styles! For March we bring you the final performance of our winter harold teams, Half-Price Candy and Mr Mammals! The harold is the original and most popular style of longform improv comedy. Performers use an audience suggestion to generate a series of storylines, then alternate building each storyline, and then bring it all together. Come early and have a beer or a sandwich! The show starts at 7pm and at $5 it’s the best deal in town!

half-price-candy Half-Price Candy features Maya Hislop, Kelsey Keverline, Todd Kasen, Kirby Martin, Kirk Martini, Debby Prum, J. Lawrence, and Erik Swanson under the direction of Nauder Namaky.

mr-mammals Mr Mammals features Sally Trude, Marjory Ruderman, Susan Gorman, Leigh Maxwell, Rosemarie Harper, David Luzader, Keaton Ray, and Max Hoecker under the direction of Brian Weisbrod

With Half-Price Candy and Mr Mammals!
C’ville Coffee
1301 Harris St
Thursday, March 16th
Show starts at 7pm!

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