Thanks Triple Show Weekend!

math Thanks everyone for a fabulous triple show weekend staring with First Friday Improv at McGuffey last Friday plus a double show of improv and true stories Saturday!

this-week It was a packed house at 7pm last Friday for First Friday Improv with our winter harold teams, Half-Price Candy and Mr Mammals! Mr Mammals led off with a harold inspired by the audience suggestion, ‘Kumquat.’  Sally Trude, Marjory Ruderman, Susan Gorman, Leigh Maxwell, Rosemarie Harper, David Luzader, Keaton Ray, and Max Hoecker of Mr Mammals created scenes of a health-crazed couple, the sexiest prosthetic, Victorian dating sites, and blog about purging.


Next up Half-Price Candy with Todd Kasen, Kirby Martin, Kirk Martini, Debby Prum, J Lawrence, and Erik Swanson created a harold from the audience suggestion of ‘Tentacle’ with paddle board rescuers, buried pets, lost tourists, and a wall of eyeballs.

-3cadc2dc020bf1d5 Don’t miss Mr Mammals’ and Half-Price Candy’s last scheduled performance of their winter run at Big Blue Door Improv Night on Thursday, March 16th at Cville Coffee!


feb-2017-copy Big Blue Door’s Saturday afternoon double-header kicked off with the final showcase for our advanced Telling True Stories course. This the second and final showcase for Big Blue Door’s Telling True Stories II course and it was a doozy with wonderful stories by Mickey Kampsen, Charlie Gilliam, Susan Gorman, BK Marcus, Kelly Farmer, and Melissa Wender! There were stories of Nelson County scandals, Quaker school assassins, secret societies, dog fights, second grade teachers, and protests. Big Blue Door will offer our next Telling True Stories course soon!

the-experience-work-page-copy Melissa Wender stuck around to join her husband Ryan Wender as the featured storytellers for The The Experience, Big Blue Door unique blend of truth and comedy! Inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Resilience,’ Melissa and Ryan shared stories such the Great Potholder Fight of 1999, abandoning friends on a canoe trip, and hearing the compliment, ‘Of all the people we don’t like, we like you best.’ Veteran improvisers Nauder Namaky, Brian Weisbrod, Larry Goldstein, Deborah Arenstein, and Finn Mehigan created a medieval Portland church, Hank who is less than 0, and the inner kibbutz.

performing arts camp For the last part of the show the improvisers used audience confessions to explore a very tall baseball player, the kiss that’s really about only one person, and a group of neighbors who love to meet in the courtyard. Repeatedly.

randy johnson The Experience has their next show at The Front Porch on Saturday, March 25th! 8pm!

fundraisingWe had a fabulous time and the weekend raised $165 for Big Blue Door’s TrueVille Fundraiser!

Join us! Check our all our classes, shows, and activities!


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