Thanks Front Porch & The Experience!

kites Thanks everyone for a fabulous weekend with two wonderful shows! On Saturday evening Big Blue Door’s winter harold teams performed at The Front Porch, and Sunday afternoon Big Blue Door’s story-improv combination show, The Experience performed at the 430 Show in Studio 20 of McGuffey Art Center. Plus our fundraiser got off to a great start!

1toilet For the Saturday show at The Front Porch Mr Mammals started off with a harold inspired by the suggestion “Bathtub.” We learned about those with amenities outside, old ladies who can’t abide by a helpless man, those who don’t trust oven temperatures, and a support group for those run over by cars.

spawned Half-Price Candy followed with their harold inspired by the suggestion “Cabbage.” We met a man with a neck like a giraffe, guys whose grandmothers brought very different customs from the old country, a zen moment comparing sunflowers to steam, creatures living beneath the stairs, and bad tourism ideas.

4maccaw Mr Mammals returned after the intermission for a montage of scenes based on audience suggestions of there being more combinations in a chess game than atoms in the universe, this summer’s eclipse, ‘pale’ or ‘pail,’ and kites. Half-Price Candy finished off with a montage based on ‘Mississippi,’ ‘Cheeseburger,’ and ‘Pizza.’


Thanks to The Front Porch for hosting us and thanks to everyone for the great turnout!

horse-head-maskl Sunday was the 430 Show featuring improv plus coffee and a cookie. A little weird? Yes! But it was also really great show. The show featured veteran team, The Experience, riffing on anonymous audience confessions plus for the first time, true stories shared by guest storytellers BK Marcus and Susan Gorman!

squirrel Our storytellers shared the strange, hilarious and wonderful, including tales of facial infections, lazy pick up artists, umpiring elderly bingo games, creeps on outdoor patios, mean veterinarians, and trying to protect a troop of scouts. The improvisers pulled strange details and points of view from libraries to court rooms, doting roommates, horse-human hybrids.

queen After the intermission the improvisers created a montage from cards filled out by audience members describing recent unusual experiences, often bringing back characters and stories from earlier in the show.

Thanks to our audience and special thanks to Larry for getting the coffee!

fundraising Special thanks to everyone who donated to Big Blue Door’s TrueVille project over the weekend both at the shows and online. It’s a great beginning and every little bit really helps! If you’d like to donate now you can follow this link or at any time you can click on the icon on our front page.

single-head Big Blue Door has three–YES THREE!–shows this weekend. We’ll have details up tonight or tomorrow!

  • Our winter harold teams Half-Price Candy and Mr Mammals perform next this Friday as part of First Friday Improv at 7pm in Studio 20 of McGuffey Art Center! $5 cash!
  • Our Telling True Stories course has their graduation show on Saturday 430pm in Studio 20 of McGuffey Art Center! That one is Free!
  • The Experience is back on Saturday 530pm in Studio 20 of McGuffey Art Center! $5 cash! $5 cash.
  • Fundraising for TrueVille continues this week!

Please join us!




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