430 Show! 2/26 with The Experience!

430-show Sunday, February 26th is the 430 SHOW with The Experience. The Experience is Big Blue Door’s raw, real, and hilarious mixture of truth and comedy by veteran improvisers Larry Goldstein, Nauder Namaky, Brian Weisbrod, Finn Mehigan, and Deborah Arenstein. The 430 SHOW will unleash The Experience on veteran storytellers Susan Gorman and BK Marcus! Plus anonymous audience revelations! Plus cookies! Plus coffee!

Preview coming soon!

the-experience-4  430 SHOW with THE EXPERIENCE
Featuring true stories and great comedy improv with Nauder Namaky, Brian Weisbrod, Larry Goldstein, Deborah Arenstein, and Finn Mehigan plus guest storytellers BK Marcus and Susan Gorman! PLUS coffee and a cookie!
McGuffey Art Center
Studio 20
201 South St
Sunday, Feb 26th
Show starts at 430pm!

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