Big Blue Door at Front Porch 2/25

winter-teams-at-front-porchBig Blue Door brings our winter performance groups, Half-Price Candy and Mr Mammals to The Front Porch on Saturday, Feb 25th for a 8pm show!

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The Front Porch is Charlottesville’s awesome roots music school now in the revamped Old Michie Theatre on Water Street. On the fourth Saturdays of every month from January till June Big Blue Door will be at the Front Porch bringing our special blend of truth and comedy. February’s show features our winter ‘harold teams’ Half-Price Candy and Mr Mammals. The two groups each present their own version of original and most popular ‘longform’ improv style called the ‘harold.’ The harold takes an audience suggestion and develops several distinct story lines, then alternates between them expanding and heightening each, and then explores connections between the stories. At its best the harold is rich character-based humor grounded in real human experience.

montage Both groups will also present montages, a faster form of improv creating scenes directly from multiple audience suggestions.

trueville-logo-copy-2 A portion of the proceeds will go to Big Blue Door’s upcoming TrueVille project!

winter-teams-at-front-porch BIG BLUE DOOR AT THE FRONT PORCH
Mr Mammals & Half-Price Candy.
The Front Porch
221 E Water Street
Saturday, Feb 25th
Show starts at 8pm!

4 thoughts on “Big Blue Door at Front Porch 2/25

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