Thanks Cville Coffee!

kangaroo Thanks to everyone at Cville Coffee and our wonderful audience for filling the house last night for Big Blue Door Improv Night!

soaking-hands Half-Price Candy presenting a harold inspired by the audience suggestion ‘Small Hands.’ Maya Hislop, Kelsey Keverline, Todd Kasen, Kirk Martini, Debby Prum, and Erik Swanson created scenes of shrinking hands, coaches and players, fashion designers using sequins, a big and tipsy bird and more!

arbor-day Mr Mammals created their harold from the audience suggestion of ‘marsupials.’ Sally Trude, Marjory Ruderman, Susan Gorman, Leigh Maxwell, Rosemarie Harper, David Luzader, Keaton Ray, and Max Hoecker brought us some pugnacious kangaroos, Pol Pot the cat, a blind woman with an amazing sense of smell, and a new lie to tell children. Plus Mao the Pet Ostrich.

blue-gothic¬†Finally Half-Price Candy returned for a montage based on audience suggestions of ‘Ketchup,’ ‘Pitchfork,’ and ‘Antarctica.’

feb-2017-copy Big Blue Door’s next show is our free Telling True Stories Showcase this Saturday, Feb 18th at 5pm in our studio (Studio 20) in McGuffey Art Center.

double-banner-front-porch Half-Price Candy and Mr Mammals return for First Friday Improv on Friday, March 3rd. 7pm. $5.

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