Mr Mammals

mr-mammalsThis winter check out Mr Mammals, one of Big Blue Door’s winter ‘Harold’ teams. The harold is the original and most popular longform improv comedy form! Mr Mammal will bring its own take on the form with a mixture of veteran and newbie performers led by coach Brian Weisbrod. Performance dates and perfomer bios below!


  • First Friday Improv 2/3, 7pm
    @McGuffey Art Center $
  • Improv Night 2/16, 7pm
    @Cville Coffee $
  • Saturday 2/25, 8pm
    @Front Porch $
  • First Friday Improv 3/3, 7pm
    @McGuffey Art Center $
  • Improv Night 3/16, 7pm
    @Cville Coffee $

SAMSUNG CSC Marjory Ruderman. Marjory Ruderman is a consultant and writer of humor, fiction, and public health reports. This is her first performance run with Big Blue Door, but she was one of thousands of people cheering in the stands for a pretend baseball game during the filming of the movie Bull Durham. That was thirty years ago, but she still enjoys yelling for no reason.

Susan G Susan Gorman is a seamstress who grew up as a Navy Brat living all over America’s coastal cities. She’s a lover of cooking, good spelling, and her family winery, Cardinal Point in Afton.

David L David Luzader was brought to Charlottesville when his wife came here for school. He likes wine-tasting, comic books, and his podcasts at Heck Yeah Comics and the Geek Cinema Society.

Leigh M Coming to us by way of Greensboro, NC, Leigh Maxwell improvised formerly with the Greensboro Harlequin Troupe and The Bystander Effect. She loves classic cars, cooking, and movies.

rosemarie-harper Rosemarie Harper. Rosemarie Harper loves improv, sketch writing and telling true stories. She lives in Afton with her three kids and dreams of one day never having to work again.

Keaton R Keaton Ray is a personal trainer. He’s also an actor you might see performing in ads or shows on your very own teevee. He dreams of being in a horror movie.

Sally T  Sally Trude was born in Santa Monica, CA. She moved to the East Coast in 1992 and to Crozet in 2004. She loves cats, kittens, and quilting. Sally blogs about quilting at The Objects of Design.

Max Max Hoecker was born in Burbank, CA, raised in MD, and came to Charlottesville to be a radio DJ, a job he still holds twenty-six years later. He found Big Blue Door’s classes through our great friends, Live Arts. Max also performs music, runs, reads, and tries to grow up (but not too much!). Listen to his morning show, Big Greasy Breakfast 530am to 10am on 97.5fm (3WV)!

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