Half-Price Candy

half-price-candy This winter check out Half-Price Candy, one of Big Blue Door’s winter ‘Harold’ teams. The harold is the original and most popular longform improv comedy form! Half-Price Candy will bring its own take on the form with a mixture of veteran and newbie performers led by coach Nauder Namaky. Performance dates and perfomer bios below!


  • First Friday Improv 2/3, 7pm
    @McGuffey Art Center $
  • Improv Night 2/16, 7pm
    @Cville Coffee $
  • Saturday 2/25, 8pm
    @Front Porch $
  • First Friday Improv 3/3, 7pm
    @McGuffey Art Center $
  • Improv Night 3/16, 7pm
    @Cville Coffee $

maya Maya Hislop. Maya is from Brooklyn, NY. She likes to watch every single-camera comedy series she can find and eat pizza. Her real-life career ambition is to be a professor of American and African-American Literature, but she loves to dream about a life in comedy.

todd-kasen Todd Kasen. Born and raised in the suburbs of New York, Todd Kasen uprooted his life to move to the greener pastures of Charlottesville in 2016.  During the weekdays, Todd spends his time engineering all sorts of neat stuff, but when off the clock, he enjoys skiing, kickball, and trivia. As a lover of great innovations, Todd has a fond appreciation of lasers and traffic signs.  This season marks Todd’s inaugural improv ensemble run with Big Blue Door.

bbd Kelsey Keverline. Kelsey Keverline is the current token UVA student at Big Blue Door.  She is a Public Policy and Biology double major and is most notable for her brief stint as a latte artist in Norfolk, VA.

john lawrence John Lawrence is from Norfolk originally. He came to Charlottesville in 1985, left for school in Santa Cruz 1987, and returned for good in 1993. He makes coffee for a living and for fun he has hitchhiked across the country, sailed across the ocean, and walked across fire. Also for fun he started doing improv with Big Blue Door in 2014, and performed with Dance Monkey in the summer of 2015.

Kirk Kirk Martini grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and moved to Charlottesville in 1992 to teach in UVa’s architecture department. Kirk is a swing dancer and yoga-ist. (Yes, we just made that a word!) Past Big Blue Door ensembles include Unusual Suspects, Placeholders, Mogli Mogli de Brogli and Catawampus.

deborah Debby Prum is a transplanted New England native, banjoist, and fiction writer who took up improv in Big Blue Door’s second year after being prodded relentlessly by a friend. She was on Big Blue Door’s first improv ensemble, Lady Pills, and many since! She writes short stories, movie and book reviews, essays that air on NPR stations and in newspapers and magazines, and writes histories for young adults. She also teaches workshops on the craft of writing. Check out her latest doings on her blog.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Erik Swanson. Erik is a native Virginian. He spent too many years attending VA Tech to be a true resident of Charlottesville, but likes it here anyhow. In real life, he helps people design rotating machinery that spins really fast. He enjoys sailing and hang gliding, but rarely gets to do either.

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