Thanks Front Porch!

canada Thanks everyone, for a great show at The Front Porch last Saturday. The Experience brought 90 minutes of excellent longform improv based on audience stories and (allegedly) real people audience members have known. Thanks to Emily Morrison at The Front Porch for hosting us, and thanks to Lora and Jen for working the door and concessions!ctyp_iphone_lumbersexual_560 The first part of the show was based on audience experiences from the previous few weeks. Audience members described a trip to Richmond where they first learned about the term ‘lumbersexual,‘ being trapped in Portland during a recent major snowstorm, accidentally scaring a Trump supporter at a Starbucks near Washington, meeting a creepy person on a ski lift, and (allegedly) planning to move to Canada.

ski-lift Improvisers Nauder Namaky, Larry Goldstein, Brian Weisbrod, Deborah Arenstein, and Finn Mehigan created worlds of log distribution, kombucha delivery to snowbound cars, old timey gods, a surgically reconstructed butt, conversation spotting, a strange documentary about Quebec, and much more.

dune After a brief intermission to consume snacks, (Thanks for the delicious cookies, Jen!) The Experience returned to pull slips of paper from the hat where audience members had written down some interesting people they knew and experiences with them. The improvisers developed scenes about a wide variety of real-life characters and situations that will remain anonymous to protect the dirt dishers.

front-porch Big Blue Door returns to The Front Porch on the fourth Saturday of every month between now and June. Don’t miss these upcoming Big Blue Door events:

ff-winter Big Blue Door’s next show will be this Friday at 7pm at McGuffey Art Center as part of First Fridays. That show will feature the premiere of our winter harold teams. More soon!

1-copyBig Blue Door’s next show at the Front Porch will be Saturday, Feb 25th featuring those same two winter harold teams. (Their only scheduled performance for those groups at The Front Porch. More soon!

the-experience-4  The Experience‘s next show will be a one-of-a-kind afternoon matinee on Feb 26th at 430pm at McGuffey Art Center! More soon!





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