Thanks for the Experience, Cville Coffee!

minoans Thanks everyone for coming out last Thursday to our preview show of The Experience at Cville Coffee! And thanks to Cville Coffee for hosting us! The Experience is Big Blue Door’s new, true-stories inspired longform improv comedy show that digs into the eternal question, what’s it like to be someone else!

dishes For the first part of the preview show players Larry Goldstein, Brian Weisbrod, Nauder Namaky, Deborah Arenstein, and Finn Mehigan asked audience members what they had experienced recently, and used their answers to generate scenes and characters. From true accounts of mundane dish-washing and scooter-repair to exotic diving with whale sharks, the improvisers generated romantic triangles, trips to the Crete, lay-offs of Costco greeters, and psychotic pyro-maniacal gym coaches.

costco For the second half of the show, the performers used anonymous written audience accounts of people they’ve known to develop a quick montage of scenes, with old-timey comic books, pig-horse hybrids, and a poetically-demented dish washer.

scooter Big Big Blue Door’s next show will be our first ever show at The Front Porch featuring The Experience at 8pm on Saturday, Jan 28th! Please join us!

the-experience-4 THE EXPERIENCE
at The Front Porch
221 E Water Street
Saturday, Jan 28th
Show starts at 8pm!

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