Sketch Comedy Writing Workshop


This two session workshop will introduce you to the basics of writing short comedy for stage, video, radio, or film, whether as stand-alone sketches or scenes in longer works. This is a great class for playwrights, screenwriters, improvisers, directors and even actors with hands-on, practical, immediately-useful writing techniques!

Sketch comedy writers learn techniques for analyzing scenes beyond plot and theme. We learn to look at patterns that establish the scene and counterpatterns that heighten what’s unusual or distinctive. Sketch writers call these counterpatterns ‘games.’ Learning to recognize games, and play them in your scene writing will give you the tools to explore what you find funny, strange, or interesting in the world.

First, we’ll analyze comedy scenes from sketch comedy shows to find examples of  basic types of games: character games, relationship games, and genre games. Then we’ll use these new skills to create characters and place them in scenes. We’ll also look at how comic scenes and character games are used in longer works like sitcoms, movies, and plays. (Maximum 10 students)


McGuffey Art Center
Studio 20

Tuesday Nov 29 and Tuesday Dec 6th


This class is full. Email for waiting list.


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