Thanks Fear & Candy!

self-driving-car Thanks everyone for a wonderful premiere of Big Blue Door’s fall improv ensembles Driver’s Ed and The Bitter End on Saturday at DMR Adventures!

valentine Driver’s Ed (Larry Goldstein, Deborah Arenstein, Max Hoecker, KIrk Martini, Finn Mehigan, and Sally Trude) started the night off with a set based on the audience suggestion of ‘Fear.’ We saw scenes about bottle fears, self-driving cars, and a lonely skydiver!

clown-vending Next up came The Bitter End (Susan Gorman, JL Lawrence, David Luzader, Leigh Maxwell, Will May, Debby Prum, Keaton Ray, and Erik Swanson) with true stories and set inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Candy.’

hotel-chute We visited strange vending machines, hotels with secrets, and witnesses to carnival deaths!

passport After a short break Driver’s Ed presented a short montage of scenes from multiple audience suggestions of ‘aliens,’ ‘checkers,’ ‘parachute,’ and ‘patty melt.’

improv plate Thanks everyone who came out to fill the house! Thanks to Melissa Charles and DMR Adventures for hosting us! Big Blue Door’s next show will be this Friday, October 7th in Studio 20 of McGuffey Art Center! Don’t miss it!

McGuffey Art Center
Studio 20
201 South St
Friday, Oct 7th
Show starts at 7pm!

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