oct-2016 It’s downright spooky how awesome October will be with Big Blue Door! We’ve got current classes running, we’ve got new classes starting, and we’ve got more shows than ever just waiting for you!


split-screen-copy You can’t get past the first day without something great, the premiere of fall improv with Driver’s Ed and The Bitter End at DMR Adventures on Saturday, October 1st. This will be an 8pm show!

split-screen-copy Scarcely a week later, Driver’s Ed and The Bitter End return to our home digs in Studio 20 of the McGuffey Art Center for First Friday Improv! Check out some art, have some wine, and then come upstairs at 7pm for our show!

split-screen-copy Driver’s Ed and The Bitter End have another show at DMR Adventures on Saturday, October 15th.

late-fall-classes-copy Big Blue Door also has it’s Telling True Stories class on Sundays starting October 23rd. (We originally scheduled it for October 6th, but we need the space for an improv rehearsal that day, so we’re pushing it back.)

late-fall-imp-1-copy On Tuesdays starting October 18th Big Blue Door’s last fall Improv I course launches! It wouldn’t be the same without you! Our last several Improv I courses have sold out so sign up at the link!

improv night june The third Thursday of every month is Improv Night at Cville Coffee with Big Blue Door’s ever-changing roster of groups and styles. October’s Improv Night on Thursday, Oct 20th will feature Driver’s Ed and The Bitter End.

blue bus Plus Big Blue Door’s current Improv I and Improv III courses will be wrapping up, and we’ll be scheduling our fall Sketch Writing Workshop!

Yes, it’s all complicated! To keep up with Big Blue Door, why not ‘Follow’ us? Just click the button on the bottom right of our home page, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook. How could you not like us? We like you.

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