Driver’s Ed

fall-teams-2016-copy Check out the line up of Big Blue Door’s newest fall performance ensemble, Driver’s Ed. They’ll be hosting the show this Saturday at DMR Adventures!

deborah arenstein Deborah Arenstein was born in Rock Hill, SC, lived in Petersburg and Richmond most of her life, and moved to Charlottesville in 2006. She was an extra in the movie Jungle Fever, acted in Richmond theater productions, and once had a farm with chickens, goats, and mini-donkeys.

larry Larry Goldstein grew up in the suburbs of NY and DC and came here for grad school in theater. He was part of Big Blue Door in its first season. He was a member of Big Blue Door’s first improv troupe, Lady Pills, as well as numerous ensembles with Big Blue Door, Live Arts, and is a longtime devotee of Playback Theater. He teaches drama at Tandem. Also he’s good at arithmetic.

Max Max Hoecker was born in Burbank, CA, raised in MD, and came to Charlottesville to be a radio DJ, a job he still holds twenty-six years later. He found Big Blue Door’s classes through our great friends, Live Arts. Max also performs music, runs, reads, and tries to grow up (but not too much!). Listen to his morning show, Big Greasy Breakfast 530am to 10am on 97.5fm (3WV)!

Kirk Kirk Martini grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and moved to Charlottesville in 1992 to teach in UVa’s architecture department. Kirk is a swing dancer and yoga-ist. (Yes, we just made that a word!) Past Big Blue Door ensembles include Unusual Suspects, Placeholders, Mogli Mogli de Brogli and Catawampus.

finn mehigan Ripped from the comfort of NOVA Finn Mehigan now studies classics at our prestigious local U from NOVA. He’s been improvising with Big Blue Door since the fall of 2014. Candor dat viribus alas. Past ensembles include Dance Monkey.

Sally T Sally Trude was born in Santa Monica, CA. She moved to the East Coast in 1992 and to Crozet in 2004. She loves cats, kittens, and quilting.

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