Thanks Swimming Time!

un-translation Thanks everyone for coming out to Big Blue Door Improv Night last night at Cville Coffee! It was the last scheduled gig for The Administration (Nauder Namaky, Brian Weisbrod, and me), as we ran through a set featuring a harold, a montage and an improvised teevee show with its backstage writers.

guys-in-heaven We created the harold from suggestions of interesting locations that audience members had been to recently. From these we improvised a newcomer to heaven with the world’s least interesting bucket list, the inventors of golf, a couple embarking on an intentional relationship, and two Americans who never travel yet one of them knows all the world’s languages.

swim-time Next we improvised a teevee show from the audience suggestion of the title, ‘Swimming Time’ complete with visits to the writers’ room. The show featured an evil villain, a decadent fashion designer, and an over-staffed police force.

almond-milk We closed out the night with a short montage from audience suggestions of individual words and ideas drawn from the earlier sets.

fall 2016 stuff copy Thanks to BK Marcus at the door and all the staff of Cville Coffee, and everyone who’s been to Administration shows over the last few months. We’ll be on hiatus to make room for the fall ensembles. Don’t miss the return of The Bitter End with a revamped line-up, plus brand-new group, Driver’s Ed!

Driver’s Ed & The Bitter End

DMR Adventures
1117 East Market St
Saturday, Oct 1st
$5 cash at the door
Show starts at 7pm!




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