Thanks Mercury Falling!

gummies from marjory Thanks everyone for being part of our First Friday Improv show last night at McGuffey Art Center featuring The Administration.

fertility clinic Brian Weisbrod, Nauder Namaky, and Joel Jones performed a Harold, a new experimental format based on a writer’s room, and a final montage. The Harold¬† was inspired by audience suggestions of locations, ‘fertility clinic,’ ‘Luz-Saint-Sauveur,’ and ‘bus.’

village The performers created story lines about a couple attending a fertility clinic, American cyclists in the Tour de France, and an uncomfortable bus ride.

bus ride The experimental form was inspired by the audience suggestion of an imaginary television show, ‘Mercury Falling.’ We saw scenes of the show interspersed with scenes of the writers creating the show. It became a sort of steampunk world with centaurs, cranks, aliens, and a rich man on a yacht.

Mercury Falling Finally The Administration closed out the night with a rapid montage from multiple audience suggestions.

pruning The Administration has one more scheduled show: Big Blue Door Improv Night on Thursday, September 15th at Cville Coffee. Then the fall ensembles start their runs. Speaking of the fall, there’s still time to join Big Blue Door improv.

improv1 Big Blue Door has a brand new Improv I: Character & Scene course starting September 11th at McGuffey Art Center! Sign up at the link!



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