Thanks Autodidact!

autodidact Thanks everyone for a fabulous Special Summer Spectacular Saturday Edition Improv Night last Saturday at C’ville Coffee!It was a great house for our first ever Saturday show and our next to last show of our summer run. The Bitter End kicked us off with a Harold inspired by the suggestion “Autodidact!” We observed Maria the Monkey, met a proud father who couldn’t take a hint, and met a guy who with the help of a friend finally started that novel, and much more! Congrats to Keaton Ray, J Lawrence, Shell Stern, Susan Gorman, Sally Trude, David Luzader and Erik Swanson.

break it to me gently The Administration (Brian Weisbrod, Nauder Namaky, and myself) followed with a Harold inspired by the suggestion of the song lyric, Break It To Me Gently. We met bad mothers, cruel Duke University founders, support group name confusion, and more!

surfs up But that’s not all! The Bitter End returned for a montage of scenes from audience suggestions including “Surf’s Up,” “Barbecue,” and “Plantain.” And we still had time for the Administration to return with a montage of scenes from recent audience texts!

complaints Don’t forget, this Thursday–like the third Thursday of every single month–is our regular Big Blue Door Improv Night at C’ville Coffee! And just because it’s regular doesn’t mean it’s ordinary! This Thursday features the final and climactic show of our summer harold run!

imp night 1:21
The third Thursday of every month Big Blue Door creates hilarious longform improv with en ever-changing roster of styles and groups. July’s Improv Night features the final performance of our summer ensembles The Bitter End and The Administration!
C’ville Coffee
1301 Harris St
Thursday, July 21st
Show starts at 7pm!




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