Thanks ‘Trombone’!

trombone Thanks everyone for a packed house and a great First Friday Improv Night last night at McGuffey Art Center!

bitter end 1 Big Blue Door’s summer ensembles, The Bitter End, started out with a Harold inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Trombone.’ Keaton Ray, J Lawrence, Leigh Maxwell, Sally Trude, David Luzader and Erik Swanson told true stories and used these stories to generate storylines of cadavers, stadium jails, too-well-behaved sons, and much more.

writing on mirror The Administration (Brian Weisbrod, Nauder Namaky, and Joel Jones) performed a Harold based on recent texts sent by audience members, including scenes of emojis, movies, and strained marriages.

popcorn Finally, The Bitter End returned to finish the night with a brief montage of scenes based on audience suggestions of ‘Saucy’ and ‘Popcorn.’ But don’t miss the next night of Big Blue Door improv, featuring The Bitter End and The Administration. They’re teaming up to bring you a special edition of Improv Night.

C’ville Coffee
1301 Harris St
Saturday, July 16th
Show starts at 7pm!


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