Thanks ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘Vests’!

ice cream 3Thanks everyone for coming out and packing the house for Big Blue Door Improv Night last night at C’ville Coffee! We consumed delicious chunks of longform improv comedy! And thanks to everyone for making Big Blue Door’s regular 4th season improv program such a fabulous success!

craft fair Last night graduates of our improv courses presented the Harold, the original and most popular ‘long form.’ First up was team 50 Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth who played their Harold from an audience suggestion of ‘Ice Cream.’ Susan Gorman, Amanda Kepley, David Luzader, Leigh Maxwell, Shelly Stern, Erik Swanson, and Kristen Swenson brought us scenes of ice cream hoarding, cross-kingdom taxidermy, craft fairs, and much more!

sweater vests Next up, team To the Bitter End presented their Harold inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Vests.’ Keaton Ray, Shelly Stern, Kirsten Steuber, David Luzader, Erik Swanson, and Sally Trude created scenes of puppy fishing, a decorated pet vest contest, air port security, and the talk show, I Was Unfairly Arrested! Thanks to Nauder for sitting in!

checkpoint Afterward both groups combined to create a short montage of numerous audience suggestions. Congrats to all our performers as well as classmates Robin Costello and Jake McDowell who could only be there in spirit!

beach blanket 3 So spring is done. But summer is almost here! Check out our upcoming summer shows! Sign up for one of our upcoming classes! Like us on facebook!

We like you.

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