Thanks Echo & Short Term Analysis!

ugly dog Thanks everyone for a great Echo/Short Term Analysis show last night at DMR Adventures! We had a blast inaugurating a new space with the final performance of our regular spring run! (But now the final performance of the spring. We have Big Blue Door’s Free Improv Night Graduate Showcase coming up this Thursday at Cville Coffee!)

dmr 3 The Echo uses fragments of speech written down by audience members that performers Larry Goldstein, Debby Prum, Deborah Arenstein, Nauder Namaky, Kirk Martini, Shawn Hirabayashi and Finn Mehigan pull from a hat to create scenes. We saw scenes based on peculiar looking dogs, long short cuts, and locally-owned parking lots among many others.

parking lot Short Term Analysis alternates scenes of a (dysfunctional) family of characters in locations suggested by the audience with scenes inspired by audience members being interviewed by Charlottesville’s worst (and least licensed) therapists (played by Nauder Namaky, Finn Mehigan, and Deborah Arenstein)! The theme of Sunday’s show was audience members losing their temper, including one who was in a battle with a dog, and another who never lost his temper (or at least never had consequences.)

short cut The Echo and Short Term Analysis have finished their spring run but you still have a chance to see a Big Blue Door improv show before the summer. The third Thursday of every month is Big Blue Door Improv Night at 7pm at C’ville Coffee, and this Thursday’s show is our big year-end FREE blow-out spectacular featuring the first look at our newest cohort of graduate improvisers!

imp night 1:21
The third Thursday of every month Big Blue Door creates hilarious longform improv with an ever-changing roster of styles and groups. May’s Improv Night features two awesome graduate ensembles presenting their class showcase!
C’ville Coffee
1301 Harris St
Thursday, May 19th
Show starts at 7pm!

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