Directions to DMR Adventures!

split-screen-copy What to see Big Blue Door’s upcoming improv comedy show at DMR Adventures. What is that? Where is that? So many questions!

DMR Adventures is a wonderful theater company that recently opened a new rehearsal space at 1117 East Market St. The boxes are still not all unpacked and the curtains are not all yet hung, but Big Blue Door is excited to bring longform improv comedy there Saturday evening at 8pm.

google map
1117E Market Street
It’s the right front corner of the building (There’s a Pegasus painted on the wall). There’s parking along the street and in a parking lot to the right of the building.

dmr parking

Driver’s Ed & The Bitter End

DMR Adventures
1117 East Market St
Saturday, Oct 15th
$5 cash at the door
Show starts at 8pm!

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