Echo & Short Term Analysis Final Performance!

final spring show Sunday, May 15th at DMR Adventures on 1117 East Market St don’t miss the final show of Big Blue Door’s spring performance series The Echo and Short Term Analysis!

echo 4 The Echo uses fragments of speech overheard recently by audience members–opinions, accusations, confessions, and advice–to create a unique longform improv comedy show. Audience members write the speech fragments on pieces of paper that veteran Big Blue Door improvisers Larry Goldstein, Debby Prum, Deborah Arenstein, Nauder Namaky, Kirk Martini, Shawn Hirabayashi and Finn Mehigan pull from a hat and use to start scenes. The scenes are rapidly restarted over and over until the characters and location are fixed, and then through the course of the set the scenes are played out in multiple universes with different outcomes.

short term analysis teaser Short Term Analysis is an original longform comedy improv show created by Big Blue Door veterans Nauder Namaky, Finn Mehigan, and Deborah Arenstein. They alternate scenes of a (dysfunctional) family of characters in locations suggested by the audience with scenes inspired by audience members being interviewed by Charlottesville’s worst (and least licensed) therapists! Short Term Analysis is the comedy that proves that sometimes an improv show is just an improv show!

sta and echo
The Echo & Short Term Analysis (Final Performance)
DMR Adventures
1117 East Market St
Sunday, May 15th
$5 cash at the door
Show starts at 7pm!

dmr adventures

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