Thanks Echo/Short Term Analysis!

coffeebot Thanks everyone for a great show for First Friday Improv featuring performances by Big Blue Door’s featured improv groups The Echo and Short Term Analysis!

le boulevard du paris The Echo uses fragments of speech overheard recently by audience members–opinions, accusations, confessions, and advice–to create a unique longform improv comedy show. Audience members write the speech fragments on pieces of paper that veteran Big Blue Door improvisers Larry Goldstein, Debby Prum, Deborah Arenstein, Nauder Namaky, Kirk Martini, Shawn Hirabayashi and Finn Mehigan pull from a hat and use to start scenes. The scenes are rapidly restarted over and over until the characters and location are fixed, and then through the course of the set the scenes are played out in multiple universes with different outcomes.


First Friday’s show included speech fragments such as ‘The Boulevards in Paris were always much wider,’ ‘I kept a blog about my sexual escapades in college,’ ‘It’s okay, all you have to do is forget about it,’ and ‘You always seem to know the right thing to say.’

waiting in line Short Term Analysis is an original longform comedy improv show created by Big Blue Door veterans Nauder Namaky, Finn Mehigan, and Deborah Arenstein alternate scenes with a (dysfunctional) family of characters in locations suggested by the audience with scenes based on audience interviews with Charlottesville’s worst (and least licensed) therapists.

sta and echo The next and final presentation of Short Term Analysis and The Echo will be Sunday, May 15th:

Final show of spring performance run the Echo and Short Term Analysis!
At DMR Adventures space on Market Street
(Address and directions soon!)
Sunday, May 15th
Show starts at 7pm!


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