Summer Is Coming!

summer classes 3 The beauteous spring weather of late reminds us that summer is just around the bend! And summer means new classes and shows with Big Blue Door! What have we got on ice for your summer refreshment? Here’s a short preview:

sun imp 2 Improv 2: Cuts & Callbacks on Saturday afternoons!

Build on the skills from your Improv 1 class, while learning new techniques such as cuts, tags, callbacks and second beats. Explore characters in different times and places. Expand your character range using physicality, actions, and verbal confessions. Explore the ‘Living Room Opening’ to generate richer and more playful ideas. A fantastic course for actors, writers, and anyone who likes to have fun. Eight sessions plus a class show. Prerequisite: Big Blue Door Improv 1.

telling true stories banner Telling True Stories on Sunday afternoons.

Turn your personal life experiences into funny, moving, honest performances! The early sessions use class discussions and exercises to develop material. Then over the last two sessions you’ll choose one story to revise, rehearse, and perform in front of a live audience! Plus effective memorization techniques, using a microphone, and dealing with privacy and confidentiality!

adv harold 6 Advanced Harold Workshop and Summer Harold Run!

Charlottesville loves runs and at Big Blue Door we think the best run of the summer is our annual Harold Run! This year we’ll have 2-3 performance ensembles creating their own version of the original and most popular style of longform comedy, The Harold. They’ll meet weekly to rehearse and perform at locations around the town and beyond!

We’ll have classes and workshops online for registration and show dates and locations by the first week of May, so check back here next week or click ‘follow’ on our homepage and you’ll get updates every time we post.

Questions? Requests? Email us at classes@bigbluedoor!

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