Thanks Echo & Short Term Analysis!

improv night copy Thanks everyone for a great Improv Night last night at C’ville Coffee premiering our spring show, The Echo, plus a preview of Short Term Analysis! Congratulations to Shawn Hirabayashi, Larry Goldstein, Deborah Arenstein, Debby Prum, Finn Mehigan, Nauder Namaky, and Kirk Martini for starting the spring off right!

microbes The Echo uses fragments of speech to create a show. Audience members anonymously write down real opinions, accusations, confessions, and advice that they’ve overheard recently on slips of paper. The performers pull the snippets out of a hat and use the words verbatim to start a scene. The first fragment was, “I’m judgmental about really tiny things,” which took us into an overzealous researcher’s obsessive record keeping.

larry flower The second speech fragment was, “You look like a walking flower,” which took us into two friends, one of whom was dissolving for the other.

record store The third fragment was, “Yeah, Prince. Sad.” We visited a record store where one coworker was still too upset by David Bowie’s death to cope with yesterday’s news about Prince.

echo 4“No good deed goes unpunished” was the final bit of speech that the performers used to create a television show about people who have suffered in all the wrong ways. The performers followed up with a quick montage of more speech fragments including the immortal classic, “Go suck a railroad spike.”

cauliflower jungShort Term Analysis is a new show put together by Nauder Namaky, Deborah Arenstein, and Finn Mehigan to explore the inner workings of the mind in an entirely irresponsible way. Last night Shawn Hirabayashi and Larry Goldstein joined them. Short Term Analysis includes improvised therapy with an audience volunteer whose mind the performers plum to create an original scene.

gelato Short Term Analysis began with a family scene at a gelato shop. The performers return to the family in other locations between the audience-inspired scenes.

short term analysis teaser Big Blue Door’s next improv show is Friday, May 6th at McGuffey Art Center as part of First Fridays! Don’t miss it!

The first Friday of May will feature our spring performance series The Echo plus improv trio Short Term Analysis!
McGuffey Art Center
Studio 20
Friday, May 6th
Show starts at 7pm!


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