Parenting and Art

parenting Want to read an interesting and possibly depressing essay in New York Magazine about the difficulties of pursing the creative arts while being a parent? Sure you do! Big Blue Door storyteller Miller Murray Susen posted a link to it on Facebook, so we thought we’d share. 

The piece only deals with fiction writing, but a lot of applies to other creative work. One of the reasons we structured Big Blue Door’s programming around improv, storytelling, and sketch writing was hopefully to make what we do accessible to a broader public, including students, parents, and workaholics.

One quibble: The author uncritically quotes a friend saying, “… the point of art is to unsettle, to question, to disturb what is comfortable and safe. And that shouldn’t be anyone’s goal as a parent.”

Personally, I think good art does often unsettle and disturb, but that’s because good art tells the truth and the truth is often unsettling and disturbing, though you can get away with a lot of you tell the truth using comedic techniques. But I think the un-settlement is a side effect, the truth is the point.

Maybe you disagree!

Anyhoo, it wouldn’t be fair to link to a depressing essay without an antidote. So parents enjoy a little comic relief (Language is NSFW):

2 thoughts on “Parenting and Art

  1. Joel– Thanks for sharing this! So relevant to my life and space (or lack of it) for creating something other than dinner/laundry piles/school projects. I had to laugh at the line that bothered you because it bothers me in the other direction: I often think the point of PARENTING is to unsettle, to question, to disturb what is comfortable and safe. maybe my kids will thank me someday :). Hope you all are well and I MISS big blue door!

  2. I could identify with this. During my years of carpooling, I kept a yellow legal pad and pen on the front passenger seat. That’s where a good amount of my writing took place.

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