Thanks Shows!

check A belated thanks for a couple of fabulous Big Blue Door improv shows that we’ve not had a chance to mention!

march shows and classes March 17th was our special St Patty’s Day edition of Improv Night at Cville Coffee featuring two awesome Improv 2 class showcases featuring performances by Robin Costello, Patrick Kilmer, David Luzader, Leigh Maxwell, Keaton Ray, Kirsten Steuber, Susan Gorman, Ken Jackson, Jeanne Lynch, Jake McDowell, Jenny Mead, Shelly Stern, and Sally Trude!

okstupid profile Plus the show was hosted by OK Stupid, the improv show that turns the miseries of love into the joys of comedy.  Created by Brian Weisbrod and Nauder Namaky, with guests Finn Mehigan and Deborah Arenstein!

april 1 show April 1st was our special April Fools True or False show as part of McGuffey Art Center’s First Fridays. Shawn Hirabayashi, Max Hoecker, Nauder Namaky, Debby Prum, Jason Megill, Kirk Martini, and JP Riggle presented longform improv comedy based on true and false statements written down by anonymously audience members.

madoff stock 2At the end the audience voted on which statements were true and which were false. Second runner up won a certificate for Bernie Madoff stock, first runner up won a check for $500,000, and the winner Marjory won a check for One Million Dollars! Yes it’s an actual check that’s made out for $1,000,000!

improv night copy Big Blue Door’s next show is our April Improv Night at C’ville Coffee. (Thursday, April 21st at 7pm!)  We’ll be debuting a couple of shows that are brand spanking new! Mark your calendars now!

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