April Improv Night!

improv night copy The third Thursday of every month Big Blue Door presents Charlottesville’s only monthly longform comedy improv show at C’ville Coffee, and the third Thursday of April will feature the premiere of our spring show format, The Echo, plus a preview of a new longform show, Short Term Analysis! It’s 90 minutes of awesome comedy starting at 7pm, Thursday, April 21st! All for only $5! Even you have $5.

echo 3 copy The Echo uses fragments of speech overheard recently by audience members–opinions, accusations, confessions, and advice–to create cascades of characters, scenes, and stories. Language clusters duplicate, multiply, and scatter, and perhaps connect with one another before the set is done. Shawn Hirabayashi, Larry Goldstein, Deborah Arenstein, Debby Prum, Finn Mehigan, Nauder Namaky, and Kirk Martini form the veteran cast.

imp night 1:21

C’ville Coffee
1301 Harris St
Thursday, April 21st
Show starts at 7pm!

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