Thanks Feb 20th Helix & Sleepover!

boxing ring Thanks everyone for a wonderful show this past Saturday (Feb 20th) in Big Blue Door’s Studio 20 in the McGuffey Art Center featuring The Helix and Sleepover!

the helix:sleepover copy 3 Big Blue Door’s winter run features two forms, Sleepover & The Helix, presented on consecutive Saturday evenings in February and March! For our show this past Saturday, our intrepid Helix ensemble (Will May, Ryan Wender, Melissa Wender, Debby Prum, John Lawrence, Deborah Arenstein, Max Hoecker, and Jason Megill) performed a set of scenes based on audience suggestions of locations: a strip club,¬† a boxing ring, a funeral parlor, and a soup kitchen, creating actors, married couples, rich boxers, and angry relatives, and then exploring the connections between them.

chinese statues The Sleepover group (Kirk Martini, Shawn Hirabayashi, Nauder Namaky, Brian Weisbrod, Finn¬† Meghigan, and Erik Swanson) presented characters based on an audience suggestion of advice they’re heard recently, in this case, “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way!” The Sleepover uses a unique initiation style and opening to create strong characters and explore how they relate.

big blue door 20 Big Blue Door’s next show is this Saturday, February 27th in Studio 20 at 7pm! Don’t miss it!


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