Thanks Be My Stupid Valentine!

palin trump dinner Thanks everyone for braving the cold to fill up our little studio last night for Be My Stupid Valentine, the extra special lovey-dovey edition of OK Stupid! It was bitter cold on a bitter holiday (for some!) as duo Brian Weisbrod and Nauder Namaky were joined by Max Hoecker and myself to explore romantic loserdom and dating failure!

valentine show w ok stupid OK Stupid uses anonymous dating profiles filled out by audience members to generate scenes, characters, and even an imaginary radio show featuring a special imaginary guest. Last night we visited a small town bingo night, a Star Wars convention, a coupon-night at a steakhouse, and a love expert espousing a new book, Cupid is a Family!

improv night copy  OK Stupid next performs in March, but in the meantime check out Big Blue Door’s other upcoming February shows including  this Thursday’s Improv Night at Cville Coffee!


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