Thanks Helix/Sleepover Premiere!

nail polish Thanks everyone for a great premiere of Big Blue Door’s winter longform improv performance series with The Helix and Sleepover last Friday night at McGuffey Art Center in our gussied up Studio 20!

helix The Helix creates scenes based on spiralling audience suggestions of locations. Melissa Wender, Max Hoecker, Debby Prum, Ryan Wender, Will May, John Lawrence, and Deborah Arenstein created scenes in a car wash, a pet groomer, a nail salon, and the local Trump campaign headquarters. Characters found love, jobs, and possibly grooming-related injuries!

sleepover lineup Sleepover creates scenes with performers playing single characters inspired by on an audience suggestion of advice they’ve recently heard. Shawn Hirabayashi, Nauder Namaky, Erik Swanson, Brian Weisbrod, Kirk Martini, and Finn Mehigan started from the audience advice of ‘Take a Deep Breath!’ We met a sinister practical-jokester brother, a former minor-league baseball players, a man with a large goiter, and many more!

improv night copy The Winter Performance series continues for the rest of February. Every show is completely new and the forms evolve over the course of the run, so don’t miss a single performance! Helix and Sleepover next perform on Thursday, February 18th at Cville Coffee for our monthly Big Blue Door Improv Night!

valentine show w ok stupid Hey, but don’t wait that long to get your Big Blue Door longform improv fix! We have a special Valentines edition of OK Stupid coming up this Sunday! It’s called Be My Stupid Valentine! Don’t miss it!


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