First Friday Improv!

the helix:sleepover copy 2This Friday at McGuffey Art Center, top floor, Studio 20, come check out the premiere of Big Blue Door’s winter performance run, featuring Sleepover and The Helix!

helix The Helix creates scenes from audience suggestions of places. The scenes are created in an unfolding sequence, and then revisited. Finally a montage of faster scenes discover relationships between the characters and pull the world together. The Helix evolved from a form called ‘Nautilus’ created by former improv coach and current Daily Show-writer Alex Marino. Originally a practice exercise for improv group Hell Buffalo in New York City, then a practice exercise for Big Blue Door’s Smallprov run two years ago, this Friday Big Blue Door’s own Larry Goldstein, Debby Prum, Max Hoecker, Deborah Arenstein, Will May, John Lawrence, Melissa Wender, Ryan Wender, and Jason Megill will present the world premiere of the Helix as performance form!

sleepover lineup Sleepover uses an unusual opening to create distinctive characters from audience suggestions of philosophy, advice, or song lyrics. Character’s choose their own scene partners from a living ‘statue garden’ and these in turn follow from scene to scene. Hard to explain but come see it work! The form was created by famed improv guru, Armando Diaz, for a New York improv group called Mother. It’s brought to Charlottesville this January by Big Blue Door’s own Shawn Hirabayashi, JP Riggle, Nauder Namaky, Brian Weisbrod, Kirk Martini, Finn Mehigan, and Erik Swanson. 

First Friday Improv with The Helix & Sleepover
McGuffey Art Center
Studio 20
Friday, February 5th
Show starts at 730pm!*

*Parking on Friday evenings downtown can be tight so come early!

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