Sleepover Lineup!

sleepover lineupCombining aspects of La Ronde and Montage, the Sleepover is intensive-character-based, theatrical comedy created by New York’s Armando Diaz in which each performer plays a single character through multiple scenes and combinations! Check out Big Blue Door’s Sleepover lineup below and then see them in action: Short, preview performance as part of January’s Improv Night. Full performance run starts in February!
shawn hirabayashi Shawn Hirabayashi grew up a foreign service brat and moved to Charlottesville four years ago. Shawn is a playwright who practices t’ai chi and once had sex on top the tallest building in Kinshasa (Capitol of the Congo)! In addition to improvising Shawn is a past winner of the Big Blue Door Jam, Big Blue Door’s true stories show.

JP Riggle JP Riggle is a neuroscience student at our prestigious local Uni. He’s from Pennsatucky, Pennsylvania, likes to cook, and once regenerated a bodily tissue! Past ensembles include Mogli Mogli de Brogli and Dance Monkey.

Nauder Nauder Namaky came to Charlottesville by way of Austin, TX. He’s performed with Big Blue Door improv groups since 2013, including current improv duo OK Stupid. By day he is the Project Coordinator for UVa’s Program for Anxiety, Cognition, and Treatment. Past ensembles include Lady Pills, Unusual Suspects, Placeholders, Plan A, and Dance Monkey.

Brian Brian Weisbrod is from Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia. A mild-mannered accountant by day, Brian currently performs with Big Blue Door’s OK Stupid, as well as occasionally doing stand-up comedy. He loves soccer and volleyball. Past ensembles include the Lady Pills and many more.

Kirk Kirk Martini grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and moved to Charlottesville in 1992 to teach in UVa’s architecture department. Kirk is a swing dancer and yoga-ist. (Yes, we just made that a word!) Past Big Blue Door ensembles include Unusual Suspects, Placeholders, Mogli Mogli de Brogli and Catawampus.

finn mehigan Ripped from the comfort of NOVA Finn Mehigan now studies classics at our prestigious local U from NOVA. He’s been improvising with Big Blue Door since the fall of 2014. Candor dat viribus alas. Past ensembles include Dance Monkey.

Erik Swanson came to Charlottesville from Williamsburg by way of Virginia Tech. Lots of Virginia-ness there. Erik runs Xdot Engineering and Analysis (For real!) an engineering R&D company that does stuff like rotordynamics. He enjoys hang-gliding, sailing, and building things. Past ensembles include Unusual Suspects, Plan A, and Dance Monkey.

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