2016Happy New Year from Big Blue Door! We’re kicking off 2016 in style with a month of classes and shows to get you ready for a great year (of classes and shows)! Classes and Shows!

fall s and c copy The third Thursday of every month is Big Blue Door Improv Night. For only $5 you can see Central Virginia’s only night of genuine longfrom improvfeaturing graduates of our improv program performing in ever-changing ensembles and styles.

okstupid For January Big Blue Door Improv Night is a true extravaganza. Our premium comedy act OK Stupid (featuring  Brian Weisbrod and Nauder Namaky with their guest Max Hoecker and more!) will host a preview show by our Big Blue Door’s winter improv performance groups! So you get a full show of OK Stupid plus a preview peek into our winter shows, Sleepover and The Helix!

Big Blue Door Improv Night
OK Stupid hosts preview performances by Sleepover and The Helix
Cville Coffee
Thursday, January 21st
Show starts at 7pm!

fall s and c Created by famed improv guru, Armando Diaz, and brought to Charlottesville this January by Big Blue Door’s own Shawn Hirabayashi, JP Riggle, Nauder Namaky, Brian Weisbrod, Kirk Martini, Finn Mehigan, and Erik Swanson, the Sleepover is intensive-character-based, theatrical comedy (Or comedic theater?) in which performers each create unique characters entirely from scratch and play them through multiple scenes and combinations! Rehearsals start January 10th. Preview Performance at Improv Night January 21st. Full Show on Feb 5th.

fall shows and classes copy 2 The Helix evolved from a form called ‘Nautilus’ created by former improv coach and current Daily Show-writer Alex Marino. Originally a practice exercise for improv group Hell Buffalo in New York City, then a practice exercise for Big Blue Door’s Smallprov run two years ago, this January Big Blue Door’s own Larry Goldstein, Debby Prum, Deborah Arenstein, Max Hoecker, Will May, John Lawrence, Melissa Wender, Ryan Wender, and Jason Megill will present the world premiere of the Helix as a stand-alone show! The Helix features location-based scenes created in an unfolding sequence. Rehearsals start January 17th. Preview Performance at Improv Night January 21st. Full Show on Feb 5th.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.37.53 PM Stories Confidential is Big Blue Door’s true stories semi-formal storytelling group. Veterans of our storytelling Jams and Slams are meeting weekly through December and January to swap true tales and put together a show for Studio IX in late January! We’ll have the lineup this week!

Big Blue Door Stories Confidential
Veterans of Big Blue Door Jams and Slams share true stories!
Studio Ix
Thursday, January 28th

winter term January means more of Big Blue Door’s famous classes.

sun imp 2 Our fall Improv 1 students return to further unveil their comical and theatrical genius-ness with not one but two Improv 2 classes. Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons! Improv 2 focuses on scenework, callbacks, and mining real life for comic gold! Sunday sessions start January 17th and Tuesday sessions start January 19th!

sound baffles Meanwhile with the help of our studio mates Anne Megibow and Susan Wiesner, Big Blue Door is spiffing up its digs! Studio 20 in McGuffey Art Center is receiving blinds, curtains, and sound baffles. You see a few of the sound baffles on their way from car to studio in the picture above! Our grand opening debut show is for First Friday in February (February 5th), but you can stop by between now and then to check out our progress!

big blue door 20 To keep up with Big Blue Door, why not ‘Follow’ us? Just hit the button on the bottom right of our home page, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook. How could you not like us? We like you.


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