Story Group

story group Big Blue Door is excited to announce the next phase of our true stories operations. We’re launching a semi-formal story group to share and develop stories. Graduates from our Telling True Stories classes and veterans of our Big Blue Door Jams will meet weekly for two months on Sunday evenings and then put on a show on Thursday, January 28th at Studio IX.

Would you like to join the Story Group? Details below:

story group copy

  • The group will be organized and meetings will be led by storytelling and improv alum Melissa Wender.
  • Participants must either be graduates of Big Blue Door’s Telling True Stories classes or they must have performed at several Big Blue Door Jams.
  • Meetings are Sunday evenings 630-830 beginning December 13th.
  • The show will be Thursday, January 28th at Studio IX in the Ix Building.
  • We’re asking all the participants to commit to at least half the sessions and we’ll need at least five performers for the show.
  • We’re asking participant to contribute $12 at the beginning of the first session to pay expenses.
  • If you’d like to join email and we’ll pass you on to Melissa!

story group copy

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