dec 2015 bbd December at Big Blue Door is bursting with holiday spirit as we finish our fall season with entire stuffed-stockings-worth of goodies!

winter term Our late fall Character Workshop and Sketch Writing Workshop are already under way but soon Big Blue Door will release our full winter class schedule with two Improv 2s, plus two new Performance Workshops! Stay tuned!

imp showcase Sunday, December 13th at 2pm come to McGuffey Art Center for our final Improv 1 Class Showcase featuring graduates of our Sunday afternoon Improv 1 performing a Monolog Deconstruction and a Montage just for you. And it’s as free as the air you breathe. (Or at least the air I breathe.)

ok stupid holiday showThe third Thursday of every month is Improv Night with Big Blue Door at Cville Coffee! The December edition is very special presentation with the return of OK Stupid, the show that turns romantic failure into entertainment success! Thursday, December 17th at 7pm it’s the most sensitive, nurturing, holiday-themed dating comedy by Big Blue Door’s respectfulest, mindfulest improv duo Brian Weisbrod and Nauder Namaky plus their hilarious guests!

Gift Certificate In past years Big Blue Door has offered gift certificates for introductory classes but this year we won’t be running introductory classes till spring at the earliest, so we’re not pushing the gift certificates. But if you want a gift that won’t be redeemed till the summer or if you have a friend already involved in our programming, email and we’ll get you a gift certificate!

true stories headline Who doesn’t have some true stories this time of year? We’ve heard some doozies. Big Blue Door is also putting together a story workshop/seminar/circle/performance group that will be meeting regularly to continue the work of our Big Blue Door Jams and our Big Blue Door Telling True Stories class. More on that soon…

soundboard 4 Speaking of true stories, Big Blue Door true stories recorded at our erstwhile Jams and Slams are part of every Friday’s Soundboard at 9am on WTJU! You can even listen to recent editions of Soundboard going back a few weeks in the WTJU vaults. (Big Blue Door stories are only on Friday editions of the show.)


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