Submit Barhoppers Scripts!


Hey folks, our friends over at Offstage Theatre are soliciting original scripts even as we speak for their upcoming Barhoppers Series! That means you can write one and send it to them!

Barhoppers is a collection of short plays that take place in bars and are performed in bars. First devised by Offstage founder Tom Coash in 1990, Barhoppers flourished in Charlottesville for more than a decade, and spread to Boston and New York. Offstage is reviving it and you can submit a script!

Need some inspiration or training for writing short scripts? Big Blue Door has a workshop coming up that’s just the ticket! It’s Big Blue Door’s Sketch Writing Workshop, a brief, two-session foray into the comedic arts. We’ll devote part of the second-session specifically to short plays.

An old Barhoppers poster from back in the day.

An old Barhoppers poster from back in the day.

But whether or not you take the Sketch Workshop, you should still be part of Barhoppers. Here are the details for submitting from Offstage’s website:

Offstage Theatre is back and looking for submissions for 2016 Barhoppers series to be performed late February/early March in bars in and around Charlottesville, VA! Because these plays are performed in bars, your play should (obviously) take place in a bar, but also make sure your script doesn’t call for any special tech stuff or need any specific stage configuration. Scripts must be NO LONGER than 15 pages. Please submit in PDF or MS Word. Deadline for submission: December 15th at midnight.

Submit scripts or ask questions by emailing, with the subject line: Barhoppers Script

The show on the upper right featured a show from 2014's Edinburgh Fringe featuring plays written by Joel Jones and originally performed in Charlottesville's Barhoppers.

The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show (on the upper left) from 2014’s Edinburgh Fringe featured several plays written by Joel Jones and originally performed in Charlottesville’s Barhoppers.

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