Thanks Barracuda & Novocaine!

barracuda Thanks everyone for a great Improv Night last night at C’ville Coffee!

Thanks everyone for a great Improv Night last night at C’ville Coffee with the final show of our fall performance ensembles Catawampus and Dance Monkey!

nov imp night The third Thursday of every month Big Blue Door proudly presents Improv Night, Charlottesville’s only night of longform improv comedy. Each month offers a original slate of styles and performers and this fall our resident ensembles have been featuring a form called the Harold!

waffle-house Dance Monkey opened. Performers Will May, John Lawrence, Nauder Namaky, Debby Prum, Erik Swanson, and Finn Mehigan created a Harold from the audience suggestion of ‘barracuda!’ First they shared true stories of encountering a pikefish in the Caribean, the song ‘Barracuda’ by Heart and it’s relationship to underarm hair, a terrible honeymoon, a father who gets vertigo from salt, and going to the Wafflehouse late night as a teenager.

tiger From the stories Dance Monkey wove tales of a Ukranian Talent Show, a shark victim’s aftermath, a Truple on Good Morning Des Moines, and a Honeymoon Suite with an actual tiger.

Picture of a dental anesthesia before the treatment Catawampus performed the second Harold based on the audience suggestion of ‘Novocaine.’ Max Hoecker, Shawn Hirabayashi, Larry Goldstein, Kirk Martini, Rosemarie Harper, Deborah Arenstein, and Brian Weisbrod shared true stories about a dad with an alleged high pain tolerance, Uncle Sandy, Uncle Slemikovitch,  competitive family basketball, and literally pulling a rug out from under a toddler.

ping pong w dad Inspired by the stories the performers introduced us to Mrs Crumpet in the Dental Boutique, a cliche-spouting father attempting to comfort his traumatized son, a double-visioned father attempting ping pong with a naive son, plus footage from the Medical Museum, and a party hangover cure!

u8970_slide_37132 After intermission each group played a quick montage of multiple scenes and suggestions. Dance Monkey played first with scenes from suggestions of ‘Cruise Ship,’ ‘Pillow Talk,’ ‘Summer Camp,’ and ‘Hyphenate.’

iceberg-lettuce Catawampus closed out the night with a montage from audience suggestions that included ‘Life Boat,’ ‘Documentary,’ and ‘Iceberg,’

titanic Big Blue Door’s next Improv Night will be our Big Blue Holidoor Show on the third Thursday in December (Thursday, December 17th) at 7pm at C’ville Coffee featuring improv duo OK Stupid (Brian Weisbrod and Nauder Namaky) and much more!

(Meanwhile sign up for Big Blue Door’s Sketch Workshop!)

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