Improv Night Nov 19th!

  • nov imp night Thursday, November 19th come out to C’ville Coffee for Big Blue Door’s Improv Night! 7pm! $5!

The third Thursday of every month Big Blue Door proudly presents Improv Night, Charlottesville’s only night of longform improv comedy. Each month offers a original slate of styles and performers. November’s Improv Night is especially special because it’s the culmination of our Fall Performance Run.

Resident ensembles Catawampus and Dance Monkey have been playing Charlottesville and beyond since September. Although Catawampus and Dance Monkey will soon be retired to make room for our winter lineup, you still have one more chance to see them! Don’t miss it!

fall pw
Big Blue Door Improv Night

November 19th
C’ville Coffee
1301 Harris St.

catawampusCatawampus is Max Hoecker, Shawn Hirabayashi, Larry Goldstein, Kirk Martini, Rosemarie Harper, Deborah Arenstein, and Brian Weisbrod!

dance monkey Dance Monkey is Will May, John Lawrence, Nauder Namaky, Debby Prum, JP Riggle, Erik Swanson, and Finn Mehigan!

improv plate


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