Thanks Mudhouse!

crozet mudhouse Thanks everyone for a great time Saturday night at Mudhouse in Crozet for the penultimate (That means ‘next-to-last’) show of our fall performance run! Our ensembles Catawampus and Dance Monkey each played a set and then combined together for a brief set.ghost-shutterstock-117156934-WEBONLY1 Catawampus (Max Hoecker, Shawn Hirabayashi, Larry Goldstein, Kirk Martini, and Deborah Arenstein) opened with a harold based on an audience suggestion of ‘Ghost.’ We met mutual psychics, an amateur CB radio enthusiast, and philosophical campers, plus ghost experts, bear radio, and more!


FrogGreen02 Dance Monkey (Will May, John Lawrence, Nauder Namaky, Debby Prum, Erik Swanson, and Finn Mehigan) followed with a harold inspired by the audience suggestion of ‘Frog.’ We met French discursive revolutionaries, chatty incompetent surgeons, a self-conscious hijab-wearer, an exploding neighborhood, plus a talking frog!


DSC_0242 After a short break both groups joined forces for a montage of quick scenes from an assortment audience single-word suggestions. We met buskers, bugs, great-grandmothers, a very sad party, a creative hotdog vendor, and a Roman emperor with a short attention span. Plus Bernie Sanders!

635704919336245232-967016789_Hair Catawampus and Dance Monkey only perform once more! Don’t miss them on Big Blue Door’s Improv Night coming Thursday, November 19th at C’ville Coffee!

fall s and c  copy

The third Thursday of every month Big Blue Door creates hilarious long from improv. November features the final performances of fall improv groups Catawampus and Dance Monkey!
C’ville Coffee
Thursday, November 19th
Show starts at 7pm!

(Meanwhile check out our Improv 1 Class Showcase this Tuesday as the graduates of Improv 1 show their stuff!)

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