november 2015 November with Big Blue Door means autumnal excitement galore with shows and classes for everyone!

fall pw Our Fall Performance Run comes to a close this month but not before you have two more chances to see Max Hoecker, Shawn Hirabayashi, Larry Goldstein, Kirk Martini, Rosemarie Harper, Deborah Arenstein, and Brian Weisbrod of Catawampus and Will May, John Lawrence, Nauder Namaky, Debby Prum, JP Riggle, Erik Swanson, and Finn Mehigan of Dance Monkey.

door-2-door2 Door 2 Door is Big Blue Door’s road series, bringing our shows throughout Central Virginia. On Saturday, Nov 7th Catawampus and Dance Monkey return to Crozet’s Mudhouse for 75-minutes of longform improv featuring the Harold. It starts at 7pm. It’s free. You should be there!

Big Blue Door fall performance travel to Crozet Mudhouse!
Mudhouse in Crozet!
Saturday, Nov 7th
Showtime 7pm

improv showcase Big Blue Door’s Tuesday Night Improv 1 class is coming to a close. Don’t miss their Class Showcase at McGuffey Art Center on Tuesday, Nov 10th. For the show the graduates will share true stories inspired by audience suggestions and then pull relationships, locations, and points of view from the stories. They’ll follow this with a montage of quick scenes based on multiple audience suggestions!

Graduates of Big Blue Door’s Improv 1 share the fun!
McGuffey Art Center
Studio #20
Thursday, November 10th
Showtime 7pm!

fall s and c copy The third Thursday of every month means Improv Night at Cville Coffee. Big Blue Door, Charlottesville’s only longform improv group, pack ever-changing styles and forms into 90 minutes of great comedy, all for only $5! November‘s Improv Night features our performance ensembles Catawampus and Dance Monkey performing their final fall show. If you haven’t seen them yet, this is your last chance!

Catawampus and Dance Monkey wrap up their fall run!
C’ville Coffee
Thursday, November 19th
Show starts at 7pm!

sketch Every wondered how comedy sketches (like Saturday Night Live, Carol Burnett Show, Chappelle Show, Portlandia, Key and Peele, and Amy Schumer) are constructed? Big Blue Door’s two-session workshop Sketch Writing Workshop will introduce you to the principles of writing comedy scenes, either as stand alone sketches or as subplots in other works. It’s like no other writing class you can take in Charlottesville. No prior writing experience necessary!

McGuffey Art Center
Studio 20
Sunday, Nov 29th & Dec 6th
4pm to 630pm
2 sessions $75

Sign up here.

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