Thanks ‘Sasquatch’ and ‘Teeth’

banners Thanks everyone for a great Harold Night show last night at C’ville Coffee!

Bigfoot-Sighting Catawampus (featuring Larry Goldstein, Deborah Arenstein, Shawn Hirabayashi, Rosemarie Harper, Brian Weisbrod, Max Hoecker, and Kirk Martini) led off with a Harold based on the audience suggestion of ‘Sasquatch.’

historical accuracyAfter true stories that included the original bigfoot movie clip, unexpectedly adult ‘content,’ being scared of bears, and kids creating fake deer poo, the group led off with stories about camping, historically inaccurate westerns, and trees that grow meat!

meat tree

We even heard a child expert advise us that the best way to raise brave children is to pit them against each other.


Next came Dance Monkey (featuring Will May, Debby Prum, Finn Mehigan, Nauder Namaky, JP Riggle, Erik Swanson, and John Lawrence) who launched their Harold from the audience suggestion of ‘Teeth.’

teethFrom true stories about eating cold day-old spinach for breakfast, a disastrous Christmas dinner, an Iranian dentist, telling the substitute teacher about the homework, and tearing a dollar in half, Dance Monkey create stories about switching the good dinner, a brutal doctor, and being taken advantage of.


We met the little guys and considered the teeth in the British Isles.


After an intermission for delicious C’ville Coffee beverages and snacks, both groups returned for quick montages from multiple audience suggestions.

rib sauce Catawampus riffed on audience suggestions of ‘Space,’ ‘Ribs,’ ‘Glass,’ and ‘Disney.’ We visited HGTV and various spin-off shows (some on other networks!), eating contests, Pinocchio, and a startling amusement park ride.


Anyone want to take a guess as to what movie this poster came from?

Dance Monkey riffed on ‘Infomercial,’ ‘Umbrella,’ ‘Twerk,’ and ‘Kleptomaniac.’ We visited Boys Banner World, Elon Musk’s latest plan, Paris by umbrella, and classroom nerd theft.

Cville Coffee 1301 Harris St.

Thanks to Jen for working the door, all the folks at C’ville Coffee for having us, and all of you for coming out!

Dance Monkey and Catawampus will next appear on Saturday, Oct 24th at Albemarle Cider Works for Improv in the Afternoon. So come out and have a glass of delicious cider and enjoy some comedy. Also it’s free.

Before we even get to that Big Blue Door has a wonderful show next Thursday. It’s our Big Blue Door Jam featuring true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Learning Curves.’ That’s at Milli Joe on Thursday, Oct 22nd. 8pm. $5

Also Big Blue Door improv duo Brian Weisbrod and Nauder Namaky may be bringing their fabulous show OK Stupid to PVCC next Friday, Oct 23rd at 6pm. We’re not sure. We thought they were doing a show but PVCC has Brian and Nauder listed as teaching a workshop. We’ll straighten it out and let you know!





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