Thanks ‘Panda’ and ‘Cadaver’!

marching band Thanks everyone for a great show last Friday as part of First Fridays at McGuffey Art Center with our fall performance groups Dance Monkey and Cadaver!

Studio 20 was packed to the gills as Big Blue Door presented a special improv show for McGuffey Art Center’s 40th Anniversary! Our audience contributed a speedy $100 as donations to McGuffey as our performance groups played two harolds and two montages from audience suggestions!


big john

Dance Monkey (Will May, John Lawrence, Nauder Namaky, Debby Prum, JP Riggle, Erik Swanson, and Finn Mehigan) led off with a Harold based on the audience suggestion of ‘Cadaver.’ We met thieves trying to steal from Big John, a foreigner forced to do stereotypical handicrafts that he actually learned in the U.S., and a patient with lots of medical worries that might come more from his doctor than his body, and

persian rugs

Plus we visited the BBC, Frankenstein town, and more!


Catawampus (Max Hoecker, Shawn Hirabayashi, Larry Goldstein, Kirk Martini, Rosemarie Harper, Deborah Arenstein, and Brian Weisbrod) came next, performing a harold based on the audience suggestion of ‘Panda’!

(080729) -- BEIJING, July 29, 2008 (Xinhua) -- Two "Olympic pandas" eat food at the Beijing Zoo in Beijing, capital of China, July 29, 2008. The eight "Olympic pandas", nominated by netizens to add cheers to the Beijing Olympic Games, have witnessed more than one million visitors since their arrival in Beijing from the Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve in southwest China's Sichuan Province on June 5.  (Xinhua/Li Wen)  (wyo/wcy)

We met some mating Pandas, an old man bequeathing his shirt, office workers having a light saber battle, and much more!

light saver

Both teams returned for hilarious montages featuring quick scenes from multiple audience suggestions. We met crabs (and the great crab nemesis!), perfume, nerds, a petulant would-be drum major, hipsters, and Van Gogh’s dating confusion.


Special thanks to John Lawrence for lending us the rug!


Big Blue Door’s next improv show is 7pm, Thursday, Oct 15th at C’ville Coffee! To keep up with all Big Blue Door shows and classes, why not ‘Follow’ us? Just click the button on the bottom right of our home page. Or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

After all, we like you.


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